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Part 6

Happier Times in Pattaya

-17 °C

Well after that last maudlin email, I hope this one is a little lighter,,,,,,,,,,,,,see how it goes!

Darren and his wife run the Asian Moon restaurant in the Jomthein Complex, it's a haven that I loved to go....kind of like the american sitcom..Cheers...''where everybody knows your name''. The cuisine was wonderful there too, they did a buffet style breakfast and dinner.

Always a smile when there's food

Darren is a Londoner and only moved to Pattaya a few months ago, he met his wife several months ago while on holiday, fell head over heals and sold up shop in London to start a new life with her and her two children. When I say that he sold up shop, I mean literally, Darren had an antiques business and gave it all up for the one he loves.

I went to the Asian Moon almost every other day, I'd sit there for about three hours reading a book, chatting with Darren or fighting off the waiter! They served a great english breakfast... eat as much as you want.... as you might guess.... the diet hasn't begun! The dinner menu was wonderful too, a variety of dishes from around the world. The Thai cook there was really a master of his trade, as temperamental as most TV chefs, but he cooked food that melted on the tongue and was ever so friendly to the customers. On my last visit the chef cooked me a special leaving meal, Thai Tom-Yam soup.... Mmmmm....spicy, but nice; Darren and his wife gave me an antique amulet.....how sweet.

I've had loads of great food here in Thailand. The Thai food is velly velly good and the western food is pretty nice too....oh, but the sea food is absolutely amazing and all's so very cheap. I can have lunch for around 2 pounds and a substantial dinner costs around a fiver. Wine can be a bit expensive and beer ranges from local brews at 80p a bottle to imported at about 1.20....still good value. I've taken a few underprivileged people for lunch or dinner, but I must have 'eat me' written in neon across my forehead that only the mosquito's can see....they've been dinning on me for weeks, I'm sure that they're sending telegrams to their friends to let them know where I'm moving on to!!

Many of you have asked about the projects I'm going to be undertaking? Well, I did attend my first orphanage in Pattaya, but to be perfectly honest; I found it too overwhelming. It was run by a very lovely Scandinavian couple and housed around twenty children, most of whom had been dumped on the doorstep and most were disabled also. These children were so angelic looking and came running to greet me, can you imagine at least a dozen children hobbling along with huge smiles on their little faces shouting sawasdee krap (hello!) mister; I stayed for a while and was given the not so grand tour. The orphanage was well run and pretty well maintained, but it was in need of a little overhaul..... and I'm really not being judgemental, the environment just struck me as real sad and gloomy, though the children appeared extremely happy. At this time I didn't feel able to commit, and I have decided to leave the voluntary work for a while longer, at least until I feel ready.

The money that so many of you kindly gave me to distribute has hardly been touched. I have spent around 150 pound on the various people you have read about, including the orphanage, Pirosh and others. It will be distributed appropriately and will bring further relief to many, but for now its accumulating interest until the opportunity is right....hope that's okay. Many of you are still collecting, or have finished collecting, some of you may want to make a first donation and don't know what to do with the money? if any of you want to forward funds ...just let me know and I will make arrangements with you.

My last night in Pattaya was a superb experience, sad but good. Myself and my go go gang started off in Panorama Boyztown....where else!.....where I was given a wonderful send off. The staff there were great, wishing me well and giving me Buddha's blessings. It was sad to leave them, but exiting to be moving on to Koh Samui too.

Panoroma Bar

Pattaya Boyztown

The dancers and I then went to see a most wonderful show, wonderful because I had never seen anything like it before in my life. Ok, it was a drag show and included the usual lady boys miming to a variety of records....nothing new there then! But the initial act was so funny, she must have been about 20 stone and was miming the Weather Girls gay classic.... 'its raining men......halalulia....its raining men!', of course that was pretty funny in itself, but when she started cartwheeling around the stage....guess you need to use your imagination again xxx

Boyztown by day

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