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Koh Samui Part 2

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Thanks to those of you who have gotten back in touch.....glad you're alive and well xx

Firstly I must correct a few mistakes or Canadian Michael wont let me visit him in Canada.. The house he's staying at on koh Samui is www.samuidreamhoiday.com .......have a look it's lovely there. Mark does speak four languages, but not Malay...it's Japanese, and he's a wonderful cook too.

Michael Dobbin's 59 NOT 60....sorry Mike!

As you might imagine Michael and I got along real well, despite the age difference....he's young at heart :-) He's a real interesting man and tells a wonderful story. One of the nicest days I had on Samui was the day he and I went for a mooch around the island.... we went along to a rum distillery and tasted some fine rum....went to a beach or two and ate a great lunch near the sea. Later that day we visited the Four Seasons hotel and spent the afternoon chatting and drinking long island teas.....happy days!

Before I left Koh Samui Michael held a party at his house and what a night it was. He had sent out the invites and cooked a great Thai style curry. We spent the day preparing the house...setting candles, snacks and seating. Oh, and we went to the local Tesco's to get the beer to fill a very large beer cooler filled with ice.... I jest ye not, Thailand has loads of Tesco's supermarkets, and Boots too, how easy and convenient is that....shame I didn't bring my advantage cards!! Anyway, the party went with a swing and the variety of people there was broad....one minute I was chatting to an ex high flying hotshot from New York....the next, I was talking with a local Thai school teacher.

It was at the end of Michael's party that I started to suffer flip flop foot ache. I'd not worn shoes for a month or so and the pain in the sole of my right foot was excruciating, thankfully it only lasted a few days and when I got to Phuket ( I'll tell you more about Phuket later) I bought a pair of good 'ole Clark's sandals....black, with a strap across the front and straps to support my ankle's.....lovely, and a bargain at only a tenner!

The Ark and the Male Box were redeeming factors for Chewang beach. The Male Box is a kinda club with go go boy dancers who were great fun to watch and chat to, the bar staff were nice, especially Num......a real funny guy. It was at the Mail Box that I met Craig and Cosmo, both from Australia, and Craig was a particularly interesting person....a wedding dress designer from Sidney. Cosmo was a bit odd with me, he and Craig used to be a couple and I think he's still in love with Craig! I think he saw me as competition for Craig's affections, which certainly wasn't the case, but he eventually worked his bitchy ways around Craig and on my last night on Samui Craig had obviously bowed to Cosmos insecurity....they were quite rude....hey ho, their loss!!

Craig, Cosmo, Gwen & Warren

Before the above incident, Craig, Cosmo, myself, and a lovely couple (Gwen and warren) had a superb time at the Ark Bar......although on reflection Cosmo was a bit put out then too!! Anyway, Ark bar is on the beach and is a kaleidoscope of colour, fairy lights dangled above and around huge loungers that had a table in the centre for drinks and food. We sat there for hours chilling, drinking, eating and watching the super display of fireworks that lit the starless night sky. There was a lot of children that worked the beach around Ark bar....some were as young as six or seven....and they'd gamble on games of connect four with the farang (westerners). These children are so astute at the game and would rarely lose, in fact I only saw them lose once, and much to Cosmos dismay...it was to me he! he! I soon lost again though and at 50 Baht a go it could have become quite expensive. These children were soooo good at the game they rarely even looked at the board, they'd give it a fleeting one eyed glance before making their move...the other eye was scanning the crowd for their next mark.

Ark Bar

Bjorn and John were amongst the other lovely people I met on Samui. John is a Bolton man and moved here seven years ago to open a bar. Well, bless, the bar he's got is a very cheesy lady boy show that is so dire....you got to laugh at the attempt they make, its kinda sad and the boys do make an effort, but they're no comparison to the other places on the island. Christies, for example, is one of the better shows I've seen.....a lot more professional and really entertaining.


Christie's Ladyboy Show

Koh Samui, in general and for me, is not a great place....of course there are some aspects that are really good and though this is going to be a big generalisation....the locals see us farang as walking cash point machines! I was walking past a massage parlour and the girl outside said....'massage sir.....you can afford it it!', I mean, what's that all about!!

After spending three weeks of my time on Samui, with Bjorn, I flew to Phuket....

Take care


Koh Samui

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