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Part 4

Relaxing in Pattaya

-17 °C

The Jomtien Complex, beach and the Asia Moon restaurant are wonderful places to visit. The beach has a variety of sections that includes space for the heterosexual holiday maker and the gay traveller too; I have no ides what the former is like, but the latter is a long stretch of white sand that's peppered with sunbeds, deckchairs and the most colourful umbrellas. As I sat there, many times, having a manicure, pedicure or massage; I looked out on a beautiful blue green sea that bustled with life. The local Thai people fished all day long and many of the children rummaged the flapping waters for sea snails, crabs and other tasty seafood that was then sold and served fresh in the many restaurants that serve the Complex behind the beach. I loved taking long walks in the early morning, before the other tourists arrived, chatting with the locals or listening to my favourite tracks on my ipod.

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach

Sunset was a superb time to be there also; it wasn't so much the beauty of the sun melting in to the sea, but the feelings of serenity and peace that accompanied the darkness. Like Bangkok, It was magical watching the lights around me start to flicker and glow. The atmosphere changed at this in between day and night time, the hustle and bustle stopped and people started to pack their belongings away. Most people seemed to head off to shower and change their clothes, but I used to hang around a while and have one more beer with the staff that ran the section of the beach I was on, it really was a time when I got to know them and their stories.

One dusk was particularly sad, and after the most amazing rain storm that saw raindrops fall like water was being emptied from buckets, thunder that sounded like a marching drummer was pounding away and lightening that lit the sky like a firework display; I came upon Pirosh. I found Pirosh leaning against a wall gasping for air, after he regained control of his breathing, he told that he had recently arrived in Pattaya to find work to enable him to pay for treatment regarding his chronic asthma suffering.

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